How to earn money from Fiverr $250/month | How to get the order faster

Hello, today I will tell you about the Fiverr website that how you can earn money from Fiverr.

If you want to earn money online from home and if have any skills then you can easily earn money from Fiverr. You can create a gig in Fiverr and you can earn money easily.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where the buyer comes to the seller for any services like logo designing, SEO, editing, data entry, article writing, etc.

In the Fiverr seller offer, there services and buyers hire the seller for there work and pay him rupees for there work. Fiverr will take 20% of your price like if your service charge is 5 dollar then Fiverr will take 1 dollar and give you 4 dollars.

 Fiverr is a very good website for freelance because here seller can offer their own price for their works

How to earn money from Fiverr? 

In Fiverr user has to offer their services which are called gigs in Fiverr. First, you have to create an account then you have to create gigs about what you offer to buyers you have to offer your skills and then you own can offer the price for your work the staring price is 5 dollars. You can charge more if your skill charge is more and then you have to wait for buyers to buy your service.

 At starting it would take some days but when you got your first order then you will be got order fast. At first, when you create gig you are on new seller then level 1 then 2 and then you will reach top rated. When you earn 20 dollars you can withdrawal the amount buy PayPal and bank transfer

Step to create Gig

1. Create an account

 Click here to create an account on Fiverr. You can sign up with three different option google, Facebook, email after sign up you to complete your profile

2. Complete profile

Then click on profile then you have to edit your profile you have to upload a photo and your skill, education, certificate and you have to pass a test then verify your account with phone number then you can create a gig. You can also complete a profile when you click on create gigs.

Earn money from fiverr


3. Create gigs to earn money

Now you have to create gigs to earn money from Fiverr click on create gigs first Fiverr ask the name and much more like education, skill, certificate, verify the phone number, etc. you have to complete your profile at least 60%. Then enter the title your gigs that what you offer to the buyer and then select the category of your gig then add a tag for your gig.

4. Set gig price for your work

Then you will get options first it shows packages that you offer 3 packs or single package in your gig then you have to write your pack name and their description then tick what you offer on those packages.

earn money form fiverr
Set price of your gig

5. Then scroll down you get some options my gig extra you can add some more feature in your gigs and can take charge for that like extra fast delivery if you doing work in 3 days and check this feature and set price 5 dollars or more then have to do work fast and you get more money a click on save and continue.

earn money from fiverr
Extra gig

6. Write Gig Description

In this section, you have to describe your gig and have to write about your skills on that gig and about yourself that why he gives his work to you. You can write your feature on that gig your experience and some other  things

earn money from fiverr
Set extra gig

7. Write Your Gig Requirement

In this section, you have to write the requirement for the work you are doing like if you create a website so, write provide me want he want on this website, website niche, etc.

earn money from fiverr

8.Gig Gallery

In the gallery, you have to upload a photo for your gig and you can upload video and pdf for your gig. Upload good images for the buyer attraction.

earn money from fiverr
gallery of your gig

Now your gig is ready for publishing. Publish gig and then start earning money from Fiverr

Tips for getting order fast

1. Complete your full profile. Upload your photo on profile write your education and description of your experience in your gigs. 

2. Offer buyer to deliver his work in one day. If you offer buyer 1-day delivery so the buyer can give you order.

3. Offer a minimum of 5 revisions on your gigs. If you offer more revision more revisions then a can give you order because if he has some problem with his work then he can contact you for some changes.

4. Sent buyer request to the people. Many buyers find a seller for his work and if they don't find for his work so can place buyer request for his work this request comes to the seller so can read his requirement and can contact him for his work you send 10 buyer request in one day.

5. Share your gigs on social sites and pass the test


If you have any skill and you want to earn money then try the Fiverr. Now I think that you have understood how to create a gig in Fiverr and how you can earn money from Fiverr. In starting it at some days for your first order but you get an order in some days. If you like my article then share it.

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