5 Safety tips for AdSense account | How to protect your AdSense account

Hello Today in this article I will tell you safety tips for Adsense account and how to protect your AdSense account from terminate/ban.

Safety tips for AdSense account. It is very important for you to protect your AdSense account from termination if your AdSense account permanently disabled then you can not earn money from the AdSense any more, so keep the point that I will in this article to protect your AdSense account.

Adsense account is mostly suspended between 20 to 26 in every month and the payment released on 28 dates so, it is very sad for the person those accounts get suspended

Safety tips for adsense account

Safety tips for AdSense account

1. Clicking own adsense Ads 

‚Äč Never click on your own ads in your website if you click on your ads then AdSense detects that it invalid activities on AdSense account and then you will get an email that your AdSense account has disabled due to invalid click on your website so be sure that don't click on your own ads.

2. Adsense CTR

Check your AdSense CTR daily to protect your AdSense account many of the users click on your ads regularly because of this your CTR increase and your AdSense account disabled by invalid activities To protect your AdSense account from this click don't tell your website name to anyone how to Click on your keep your website from such person For this use plugin

3. Invalid activites

If your CTR is going high then AdSense think there is an invalid click on AdSense ads so AdSense ban your account in this you have yo remove ads on your site or you can use a plugin for protecting your website for invalid activities but it can only find WordPress user and Blogger use has to remove ads from there website

4. Ads on other website 

Don't place your AdSense ads on another website than is not verified by your AdSense account. If you place ads then it will count in violating the AdSense policy and your AdSense can be suspended. You can use a subdomain .

5. Paid Traffic 

Don't buy traffic from any website to increase traffic in your website for earning this will disable your AdSense account permanently. This will count in invalid traffic many users getting the ads limit on their AdSense account.

Final Word 

Here are the safety tips for your AdSense account to protect your AdSense account from permanently disabled follow these tips to protect your AdSense account
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  1. Hey Yashraj ,

    Great post with safety tips to secure an AdSense account. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i must say that you have done a fabulous
    work and suggested an effective tips to protect AdSense account.

    AdSense is a great advertising placement services that allows the users to earn good income, hence protecting an Adsense account from termination and getting it disabled is really important.

    Your each of the suggested tips to protect Adsense account are clear, easy to understand and follow, whereas following these tips will be helpful and will allows several users to secure their Adsense account.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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